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Rock the 2020 United States election. Donald Trump’s meteoric rise to the Oval surprised many individuals. It’s no doubt his presidency was diminished by the dark cloud that was cast by the Kremlin’s interference in the 2016 Election.  

It’s clear Russia is eager to once again drastically impact the 2020 elections, by any means necessary. For this reason It’s imperative that we the electorate, champion a bullet proof ticket. The political Rock Star team of Joe Biden and Michelle Obama would galvanize and mobilize the American electorate. Bring hope to the hopeless, unity to the divided and healing to the Americas. Though Joe Biden is the front Runner, it’s unclear if he alone could capture a landslide victory against the Trump Machine, and the veiled Kremlin. The front-runner on the ticket needs a solid co sponsor.

When we look back at the republican parties 2008 McCain Palin ticket. The ticket quickly became more of a comedic distraction than a road map to the Oval Office. The ill fated 2016, democratic Clinton Kane ticket offered no inspiration to the base, it shut out the majority of the minority vote. Consequently scuttling the Barack Obama base. It’s important that the ticket better represent and reflect the nation. The final analysis suggested the Clinton ticket did not capture the minority vote. Michelle Obama singularly offers the opportunity to capture the minority vote and the imagination of young girls through out the world. 

Joe Biden would bring the blue color votes to the table in droves. He has uniquely been tasked by the world to bring civility back to the Oval Office. His unique existing familiarity offers him a unique window to capture the Oval. will jump-start the return of the untied states position for serious trustworthy leader ship in a world that needs it. We need you, our readers to support our mandate to mobilize America to vote. Share our site on social media, purchase our Paraphernalia. Lobby your congressmen and women to support our mandate. Donate your time and help

Us get the word out. Let’s make this happen!

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We hope to have students from all around the world witness first hand how democracy works. Each university will have a student  leader representative position. They will have to campaign and win the position by obtaining signatures for their nomination. These leaders are responsible for organizing and championing the movement on their campus.

They will have achievable objectives such as reaching out to the public at malls and other venues. The goal being obtaining verified email addresses and allowing people to sign up, or express interest for our paraphernalia is central. The student leadership champions will be brought to the USA to observe voters during the 2020 election.  


E pluribus unum. 

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We will be lauchning the first line in the coming weeks. The apparel are designed with the simple goal of allowing the conversation to begin. 

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You are a part of a movement wear your gear proudly. As an ambasador of democracy its important you transend politics and cradle freedom and its speech.


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